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How to approve adsense account for blogger 10 Simple Steps

fix disapproved adsense account

why my adsense account is not approved? fix disapproved adsense account
Are You a blogger?

i) You want To Run Adsense ads on Your Website or Blog?
ii) Have you destroyed too much time on Blogger?
But do not you get approval from adsense?
If you come here to solve all these problems, you are at the right place. Sit back in a good place for comfort so that you do not have any problem with all this. So let's start!

How to Get Adsense Approval For Bloggers Blog in 2020:

Adsense is a Best Ads Network to Earn a Higher Income from Your Websites, Blogs.
Major Problem with Bloggers is that's there Adsense Application always Disapproved.

But Why?
Because they did not fully prepare their blogs. A new blogger does not know what he should do before he can apply in the Adsense.

Before applying to Adsense, there should be some things necessary to be given below.

• Best or Professional Blogger Template
• Custom Domain Name
• Privacy Policy, Contact or About Pages
• 15+ Posts with a Good Content
• Original Content (Not Copy Paste)
• Don't have any Copyrighted Images.
• No Broken Links.
• Have a good Website Speed.
• Adult Content or Links
• Have a Good Meta Description and Title.

If all of your stuff is complete then your Adsense Request will be approved.

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1. Best or Professional Blogger Template:
Before applying adsense You Should Setup a Good or Professional Template/theme for your blogspot.
Because if your blog's theme is not good then a new user who visits your website in some way goes back due to your site's theme or if your website or Blog Theme is Optimized or Professional then You have a Good Chance to get Approval.

Download Premium Blogger Template Free

2. Custom Domain Name:
This Is Mostly Important for Adsense because now in 2019 Adsense 1st Approved Custom Domain Sites.
You Should Must Buy a Cheap Domain From GoDaddy or Other.

3. Privacy Policy, Contact or About Pages:
Privacy Policy, Contact or About Pages Must required for Adsense Approval.
If You Have Not Any Of These Pages Then create These Pages immediately.
If You Don't Know to Create Privacy Policy Then You Can Find Free Blogger Privacy Policy Generator from Google.

4. 18+ Posts with a Good Content:
Before Applying Adsense You Must Post 18 or More High Quilt Posts. If Your Posts are 8-10 or You Have a Custom Domain Then There is a Chance To Get approval. Otherwise, You Can't Get Approval.

5. Original Content (Not Copy Paste):
Don't Copy Paste Content from other websites to your website otherwise your website Will Not Approve. Write only Original Content or Post Only Original Images Because a High Quilty Content that's Written by your hand is a King Of Posts.
Google only Rank Those Posts which are Written by your hands not Copy paste.

6. Don't have any Copyrighted Images:
It is often seen that for what we are writing on the post, we find a picture on Google and put it on our blog. Actually this is called a stolen material. Because we did not ask someone or without having permission we post it to our blog, Google catches it instantly. Make pictures from yourself for your post. If any photo is taken on your website, remove it.

7. No Broken Links:
No links to your blog should be broken. Check the link on your website or blog that's you share, check it's working or not.
There are so many companies on the internet that are going to tell you a broken link on Your Site. They scan your website and Check all Broken Links if, they Found any Broken Link They Inform You Immediately.
You Can Find These Companies By Searching “Free Broken Links checker”.
Free Broken Link Checker

8. Have a Good Website Speed:
Have a good Website Speed
If Your Website is slow then Adsense Will Not APPROVE Your Request because On the slow website Adsense ads did not work or User return to this website.
Website Speed Tester

9. Adult Content or Links:
No Have any Adult Content or Links
If Your Website is about Adult Content Then You Cannot get Approval from adsense.
Because, It is against Adsense Privacy Policy.

10. Have a Good Meta Description and Title:
You Should Must Set Your Website Title or Meta Description. Because These Things Tell that's What about is your website.

I Hope This Article Will be Helpful to you.
If any Question Comment below.
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