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How to Make a Website in 2023 in 5 Easy Steps!

Here, we are with Economic Ideas on how to make a website in 2022. This my PROMISE to you all, if you spare your 10 minutes for reading this article then you will know about the incredible ways to make a Website in 2022. In the past, making a website; business, or personal was a tough task, but with the passage of time things have become easy because of the thousands of options available on the internet. Therefore, building a website is no more complicated and costly, one just requires passion and platform to build a website.

In this article, you will learn ways to build the website without having the technical knowledge or any other programming skills.

Let’s dive in.

How to Make a Website in 2023!

The first thing you need to do is think, research, and decide about the kind or nature of your website.

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It can be E-commerce, educational, blogs, news, portfolios and etc. Then comes the following process to build a website:

Step 1: Let’s choose the Domain name:

The domain name is your website name and URL. This is the very first thing you require in the process of building a website.

Succeeding in today’s time requires that you make yourself stand out, hence your domain name should be as unique as your business ideas from others. There are a few things which need to keep in mind while deciding the domain name:
  1. Use .com (preferable), .org or .co as an extension which is ideal as it is easy to find. Avoid .info, .net, .biz as it might create difficulty in finding you.
  2. The name should be short. As we say the shorter the better.
  3. It should be easy to pronounce and spell and type.
  4. Also, it is better to avoid hyphens and numbers.
  5. Lastly, check before choosing the name if it already has trademarks, to avoid legal issues.
Don’t forget to register your URL/domain name for the sake of easy setup and speeding up for your website.

Step 2: Get Web Hosting!

A hosting service provider is your next step after choosing a domain name. This is the most important investment for your website’s success because without this your website will not be accessible by the public. Web host companies give service to host your website on the Internet so that users can access it by typing your domain name/URL. It will store and secure your website content in their private servers. One of the highly recommend hosting service provider is Following are the kinds of benefits you will get from web hosting:
  1. A web host will give you a domain name and SSL (for security) if you wish for it.
  2. The web host will help you in increasing SEO by giving speed and security.
  3. Also, the web host will save your website content.
  4. And the web host will keep your hardware and software updated.
  5. Lastly, the web host gives solid customer support which runs 24/7 for their clients.
Step 3: Pick up the right Content Management System (CMS)!

There are many CMS available for new website developers, like, WordPress, Wix, etc. This step is the fun and creative step in making a website as this also includes choosing themes or templates, layouts in your respective chosen CMS. Templates in simple words are clothes to your website.

For this first, we are installing the most popular CMS, WordPress, you can choose any you prefer more. This software provides tons of themes and plugins which will give a look to your website. Choose themes on the basis of smooth functionality and high reviews not on the basis of only looks. There are also other theme providers like Studiopress, Optimizepress, and Elegant Themes.

Step 4: Configure your website!

To give the best experience to your viewers and get the best reviews from them, configure your website in the best possible way. Now after you are done with choosing themes, installing plugins, then there is a secret step for a successful website which you will read rarely on the internet. It is how to make good navigation for your website. The navigation system will let the viewers know what your website is about, to make your website most useful then make sure your content, your email sign-up part, contact form are part of navigation. To do the best navigation-
  1. avoid dropdown menus,
  2. your website menu should have limited and quality items,
  3. Lastly, your website should be descriptive.
Step 5: Its time to get creative and add content-

The primary support of any website is good content. Themes, videos, or designs are secondary support. Quality original content is very important for your website as the information through your content should reach directly into the mind and heart of your viewers.

At the initial stage, you may find trouble in what to write and how to write for your website.  Now, let’s make it easy for you. Following easy tips to write content for your site to stay on top of the hill in the search results:
  1. Firstly, you need to know your audience and find what kind of audience you want to target?
  2. For content creation, have content strategy i.e. after doing research for content you need to identify what content should be deleted, what should stay, what should be re-written.
  3. Next, make sure each piece of content has potential and purpose.
  4. Also, the language used in content should be like you are having a conversation with your audience.
  5. To change the way of communication apart from the text you can upload videos, diagrams, presentations, etc.
  6. Lastly, try to increase on-page search engine optimization (on page-SEO).

Final Words

Summarising briefly, to make a website in 2022 you need to think wisely that what you want to convey to your viewers. The most important tip is you should have a content strategy because viewers will not go through the pages of the whole website just to find a piece of basic information so you need to make sure that your content is crystal clear and provide exact information about what the viewer is looking for. For beginners, it’s a bit tricky or hard to understand a few technical systems or processes but when you have the passion to create a magic of quality content for viewers then you can actually do wonders in this online world.

Less is more so be choosy in themes, layouts, or designs, colors and avoid different font and type sizes. Don’t overdo as it mixes everything and can fade your goal. Be very simple yet innovative like for eg. You can share your own journey about how and why you have become passionate about building a website so that others can also get motivated, people will love this, or you can add some images of the people or team who have helped you during this process and images of work but do avoid cheap stock photography.

The journey will start when your website will be published so throughout the journey you always have to keep in mind the concept of SEO for the success and also remember to keep the need of viewers in mind and work accordingly. Once the process of making a website is over tap yourself as you have made a great first step, you may face few disappointments as well but nothing is perfect and complete. You always need to alter, change, or delete the unwanted things. With the time the website business will grow and you will learn new things which help in your growth. Keep on learning and educating others.

So, this was all about how to make a website in 2022. We hope this article will give immense satisfaction of saving money and time with higher self-esteem after or during the building a website. Do share your reviews on this article in the comment section.
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